Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald

Kim Churchill - Success on your own terms

April 12, 2019
Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald
Kim Churchill - Success on your own terms
Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald
Kim Churchill - Success on your own terms
Apr 12, 2019
Ash Grunwald
Show Notes

It was so nice to finally have a chance to sit down and catch up with Kim Churchill. I’ve known Kim for a long time and watched his career go from strength to strength. He’s an amazing guitarist, songwriter and singer and really took foot percussion to a new level. 

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • What music means to Kim
  • Flow state and allowing music and lyrics to flow through you
  • Having an attitude of openness and how this relates to manifestation
  • Writing music for success compared to writing for yourself
  • Doing what you love for your job
  • Making decisions based on fear vs positivity and excitement 
  • The common trait of ‘People pleasing’ 
  • Kim’s approach to using a gratitude journal and how it’s helped anchor him and move through times when he feels anxious
  • How your attitude makes things whatever you want them to be
  • The transition phases to becoming an adult and what that means
  • Kim’s daily practice 
  • Putting spaces into your mental stream

Some of our favourite quotes from this episode. 

“Often I find that the lyrics and moments of music I’m most proud of don’t come from any cognitive understanding of a lesson learnt or a skill attained, it is an obscure semi dream like thing that I don’t understand or know how I did it” 

“I try to allow my music to come from an emotive kind of creative flow, where you are not thinking” 

“I made music that I literally stitched fear in to… I had to put it down and it was an enormous weight off my shoulders to put it down, even though it was a massive step back”

“It took me a while to reconnect to writing music for myself, and for a while there I don’t even think I enjoyed playing music” 

“There are pros and cons to every career path and it’s one of the few negative things about doing what you love for your job, that sometimes you stop loving it and you have to battle to get back to it”

“We need to work hard at maintaining a grateful attitude and to fill our lives”


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