Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald

Scott Owen, Sobriety and Spirituality and Hellfest

February 14, 2020 Ash Grunwald Season 1 Episode 10
Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald
Scott Owen, Sobriety and Spirituality and Hellfest
Show Notes

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In this Episode Ash talks to Scott Owen the hard rocking bass player from The Living End. They spoke about The Living End's recent tours in Australia and Europe, how music can fulfil the space left by religion, supporting life long heroes The Stray Cats, The Yuga Cycle Theory, living a sober lifestyle after years of drinking and partying hard, and the value of personal growth.

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • Recent touring with The Living End in Australia and Europe
  • Walking the El Camino trail in France
  • Hell Fest Metal Festival
  • Religious Ceremony and how music can fullfil the space left by religion
  • Supporting The Stray Cats in London
  • Travelling Egypt and the pyramids
  • The Yuga Cycle
  • Personal growth and breaking down before you re-grow 
  • Surf by Day, Jam by Night - Scotty's chapter in the book 
  • Drinking, partying and touring and playing sharpe
  • Living a sober lifestyle and Benjamin-buttoning
  • Happiness and Discipline 
  • Daily Meditation 

Some of our favourite quotes from this episode.

"Music has a heirachy of godly things, you can also take the language away from it and it still speaks to people all over the world"

"Prayer and ceremony really do serve a purpose because they are an outlet for things and feelings we have inside of us"

"I love channeling things that I've always believed"

"Growth is just a reinvention of cells, that keep dividing and spreading and setting up, so the next thing can come through"

"It was the first time I'd not had a drink in a long time, it was a great trial by fire. It was a good way to just face it all in one foul swoop and throw all of the challenges up and have to overcome them."

" (Sobriety is..) so good for your playing, just being sharpe"

"Meditation is a commitment to sit down and straighten things out...It gives my brain the ability to let things settle, stop wavering around, stop the boat from rocking."


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